Living In Taiwan

Geography and the Weather

The main island of Taiwan is situated approximately 100 miles off the SE coast of mainland China, south of Japan and north of the Philippines.  Taiwan resembles the look of a sweet potato and it covers an area of about 14,000 square miles.  READ  MORE   



Taiwan’s language is Mandarin Chinese and most people can use or understand.  After Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese is the second most used language with about 80% of all population being able to speak it.  Other languages exist, such as Hakka (about 10% of the population) and also several native aboriginal languages.  Some of the older generations also speak Japanese, dating back to the years of the Japanese occupation.      READ MORE      



Political Status


Taiwan has a very interesting history and any teacher thinking of working in Taiwan will benefit from having a basic understanding of the main events of the past 60 years. Taiwan is a very peaceful and safe country to live in, but there remains some non-aggressive political tension between Taiwan (ROC) and mainland China (People’s Republic of China).

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When imagining Taiwan you could be forgiven for thinking that its culture is purely of Chinese origin.  While Chinese culture and its long traditions are certainly dominant throughout the island, Taiwan’s cultural footing dates back a long way.  Over the years Taiwan has been home or port to people from all over the region, including Japan, Korea, Indonesia and of course its own indigenous aboriginal tribes.  Wherever you travel in Taiwan, you will see these various influences shining through in the different foods, music, beliefs, languages, religions, museums, architecture, arts and crafts that make up Taiwan.  READ MORE       



Taiwan caters for the needs of most people.  Whether you prefer vegetarian, seafood or meat, you will be equally spoilt for choice as great food is a very important part of life in Taiwan.  A lot of people choose to eat out most meals as it is convenient, tasty and cheap.  READ MORE


Cost of Living


Taiwan’s excellent cost of living ranks high as a major attraction.  If you want an enjoyable lifestyle in Taiwan and to still have money left over at the end of the month, then Taiwan could well be the place for you. Whether it’s rent, food, utilities or transport, the cost of living is very favourable.   READ MORE




Taiwan has an excellent health service.  Whether you need to see a doctor or specialist, the outpatient service is efficient and thorough.  All  teachers are entitled to the national health services and as the health service is heavily subsidized by the government,most teachers only pay a minimal cost for prescriptions.  READ MORE




Taiwan is famed for its lively night markets. They are noisy and great fun places where you will find hundreds of food stalls, clothes shops, games and stalls selling everything from mobile phones to pots and pans!  These markets offer a cheap night out and are fun to explore.   READ MORE