Taiwan Cultural Festivals

Taiwan Cultural Festivals


For you to be able to adapt your life and regard Taiwan as your second home, you need to understand their culture and traditions. These may best introduced via the 5 major festivals in Taiwan.

  • Lunar New Year Festival (Lunar Calendar January 1 to 15)

    The Lunar New Year Festival is the most important festival in Taiwan. During this festival people in Taiwan post lucky verses in their homes. It is a time for family reunions and feasts. It is also a custom to give out red enveloped as gifts and say lucky greetings as a sign of good fortune for the coming New Year. Foods used to symbolize this festival: Radish represents a good beginning; Fish represents yearly savings; Mustard represents long life; Glutinous rice cakemeans steady progress.

  • Lantern Festival (Lunar Calendar January 15)

    On the night of the Lantern Festival, people hold lanterns and go out to the streets. It is a very joyous time. Lantern activities are organized in every place including temples where special lanterns are exhibited. Food used to symbolize this festival: Glutinous ricedumpling

  • Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar Calendar May 5)

    To observe this festival, residents hang calamus and moxa plants on their doors, and people hang fragrant amulets on their body for peace and safety. At exactly 12 noon there us a tradition of making an egg stand vertically. It is also during this day that most places launch Dragon Boat RaceCompetitions. It is a very pleasurable occasion. Food used to symbolize this festival: Glutinous rice wrapped in leaves with pork, peanut, salted eggs, etc. (Ba-Chang)

  • Chung Yuan Festival (Ghost Ritual Day) (Lunar Calendar July 15)

    This is the day the living worship the dead in every temple, and people offer plenty of food and liquor, while praying for peace to the spirits of the dead.

  • Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival (Lunar Calendar August 15)

    On this night, families unite and enjoy the moonlight while eating moon cake and pomelo. Eating a moon cake connotes togetherness and contentment; eating a pomela means that people are receiving protection and blessings from the moon. Food used to symbolize this festival: Moon Cake and Pomelo