Taiwan Scenic Spots

Taiwan's Popular Scenic Spots

Taiwan is a very beautiful island. It is also beautifully named Formosa. We have put together some information on popular scenic spots that you must visit  while in Taiwan.

We suggest you visit the following famous places for enjoyment and relaxation:


Danshui is famous for its old street, good food and beautiful sunset. Do not miss visiting Fishermen's Wharf to watch the sunset, and Fort Domingo to appreciate old European architecture.

Special Delicacies: Fish balles, Ake, Plum juice, Fish chips, Apo (Grandma) Iron egg

Transportation: Take the MRT Line to Danshui and get off at Danshui station

Yangming Mountain boasts beautiful scenery all year round. There are also famous places within the area including a national park, Tatun Mountain, Chingtian-Kang (Sky Support Ridge), Judz (Bamboo) Lake, etc. Tourists are especially attracted to the blooming flowers in springtime and hot springs in wintertime.

Special Delicacies: edible wild vegetables. native chickens, mountain produce


  1. Take bus no. 260 from the Taipei Railway Station
  2. Take bus no. Red-5 from the Jiantan MRT Station


Alishan is most famous for its panoramic sunrise and sea of clouds. The view is especially breathtaking during the flower season which is every mid-March to mid-April. It is this time of the year that tourists flock to Alishan.

Special Delicacies: bamboo shoot, Aiyu jelly fruit, High Mountain Tea, Kongpo Biscuits, Hocho Biscuits


  1. Take Chiyai County bus from the Chiayi Bus Station
  2. Take Ali Mountain tram from the Chiayi Northgate Bus Station

Tainan is the most ancient city in Taiwan. It is in this city that you can find a number of well-known national treasures, including a Confucian Temple, Anping Fort Zeelandia built by the Dutch in the 17th century, Yidsai Golden Castle, Chikan Tower, etc. Beside its rich heritage, Tainan is famous for special delicacies that are worth a taste.

Special Delicacies: Tantzemien (noodles), Yimien (noodles), Shrimp balls, Wake (rice cake), Kuantsaypan (Pork innards in bread), Taho (Sweetened bean curd), Tingpienchou (rice roll soup)

Transportation: Take the bus to your destination from the Tainan Railway Station

Kenting is a very exotic place located at the southern end of the island. It is the best place for water activities. It attracts a lot of foreign tourists in the summer. We equally welcome you to come with your friends and have fun in the water to ease the hot temperature of summer.

Special Delicacies: Luchiaochay (vegetable), Yulaiku (mushroom), Kangkocha (tea), Taro cake, Vermicelli noodles with duck meat

Transportation: Take Pingtung bus from the Pingtung Railway Station